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The Transformed Mind (T.T.M)

“We are shaped by our thoughts and we become what we think”

The mind is a battleground and often it beats us down because we do not have the right weapon, skills and strategy to win.

T.T.M is a coaching and therapeutic programme focused primarily on providing you with all you need to constantly win the battles of the mind. Challenging negative thoughts, Overcoming mindset limitations, Building the right mindset and so on. If you are constantly struggling with your mind, and this struggle has been in the way of becoming who you want to be and ought to be then this is the programme for you.






The explorative objectives of this program: 

  • You will Identify and address limiting beliefs 
  • You will learn to adopt a “Growth- Mindset”
  • You will learn to deal with negative thought patterns
  • You will harness the power of the mind 
  • You will learn techniques and strategies to maintain a growth mindset.
  • You will experience a mental restructuring.
  • Etcetera 

12 sessions

Private coach & therapist assigned

Session holds
once weekly

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