The Birthing Co


Oftentimes we are faced with so many challenges. These challenges make us feel like a tiny boat in the middle of a raging storm. We try so hard to be brave and push back, but sometimes we are afraid, overwhelmed and lose hope. The mere thought of the issue gives an uncomfortable sense of LONELINESS […]


Thinking deeply of some of the most uncomfortable and emotional events of my life, and I realized that most of it was not really about who or what hurt me but was more of having to deal with the pain. When you are wounded or hurt you feel pain and pain messes with your happiness. […]

The Day I Cried

It was a normal day. I’d just woken up, heading downstairs to begin my morning rituals featuring a hot cup of ginger tea and some meditation. I left my phone on the kitchen counter and walked into the garden to enjoy the smell of a new day; birds chirping and wind softly rubbing against my […]

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